Exclusive and elegant leathergoods’ creations that represent the Made in Italy essence: since 1970, the company Parmeggiani dedicated its craftsmanship manufacturing to luxury leathergoods.

Handbags, travel items, wallets and belts, for man and woman: every day accessories become unique.

Handmade by skilled craftsmen in a limited production,
Parmeggiani’s creations respect the great and old crafts tradition based on a very accurate skins’ selection and its processing.

borsa verde

Made in Italy

“Made in Italy” according to Parmeggiani, is a requirement, not only a belief. A requirement of doing what’s been always done: a luxury product, with a great quality. For this reason, it’s necessary to follow each single production phase, each single detail, without decentralize anything outside the company.

Made in Italy as a belief.

A choice maybe a little countertrend if compared to the cur-rent trends but full of the awareness of improving constantly its products. A route made by little steps, targeted choices.

Where every success is the result of the work of all, where each new conquest adds a touch of beauty to the company’s creations.